Roamler launches Grapemonitor

This week Roamler launches a new tool - the Grapemonitor. This monitor maps the price movements of the main European food retailers. It enables companies to get an overview of the current market and stay up-to-date with the latest developments.

Roamler’s Grapemonitor measures grape prices in Europe on a weekly basis. It also provides information about the most recent campaigns and promotions. Moreover, the information is supported by photos of labels and track and trace stickers on boxes. The results are directly incorporated into an online dashboard, which gives an overview of the latest prices and promotions.

Know what’s happening

With Roamler’s Grapemonitor companies know exactly what is happening on the shop floor. Promotions and possible shortages can be recognised immediately. The comparison of prices allows for better sale prices and higher margins to be achieved. Additionally, it allows grape specialists to engage in a dialog with the retailer and the supplier. Further, it enables suppliers to see where their products end up and what payout there is.


The Grapemonitor is Roamler’s first International multi-client monitor. For more than three years Roamler has collected location-specific information through a community of smartphone users and it currently operates in 13 countries. Initially the grape monitor will measure grape prices and promotions and focus on five European countries: Germany, England, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. In total there will be measurements for 52 weeks, resulting in a large database of grape pricing at European retailers. In future the focus will be on other product groups, depending on the number of participating companies. 

"In just a few clicks you’ll have all the information on grapes in stores, arranged by country and retailer." Christiaan Rijnhout - Roamler
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About Roamler (English)

Roamler is a mobile marketplace, operating in the so-called "Gig Economy". Roamler connects people to work that fits their profile. It has created communities of people in 14 countries in Europe and Latin America. Every day, hundreds of results are collected about the availability of products in stores, the prices of products and the visibility of promotional material.

In 2016, Roamler founded Roamler Tech in partnership with Eneco, which carries out certified crowd installations in consumer’s homes as the smart thermostat "Toon".

Roamler was founded in The Netherlands in June 2011 by Wiggert de Haan and Martijn Nijhuis and has its headquarters in Amsterdam.

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