After three years Roamler covers a large part of the European and Latin-American market

Today the mobile workforce Roamler has existed for exactly three years. Currently, smartphone communities are being utilised internationally to collect location based data. Hence, Roamler is building on its goal to improve retail execution on a worldwide scale.

In three years Roamler has grown to be a company that is active in thirteen countries. In June 2011 Roamler started in The Netherlands and, shortly after, UK. Last year, the company expanded to Sweden, Italy, Poland, Germany and Chile. In 2014 Roamler has already launched in six more countries. It is now available in Colombia and Mexico while Spain, France, Luxembourg and Belgium were also recently added to the list. In July Roamler will start in Turkey and cover fourteen countries in total.

Mobile Workforce
Roamler utilises a community of smartphone users to collect location based data. This information is supported by photo evidence. Smartphone users, or ‘Roamlers’, can earn money and points (XP) by doing small tasks via the Roamler app. This varies from taking photos of products on shelves in supermarkets and capturing the promotional activities of retailers, to showing how a product is being used at home. This year alone, thousands of Roamlers worldwide have already completed 45 000 tasks to earn some extra money.

Improve retail execution
For companies and organisations, Roamler is a useful tool for gathering information in a fast and detailed way. Through the combination of a camera, GPS, internet connection and the ‘crowd’, information can be quickly collected. Subsequently these results are immediately available online so direct action can be taken. Although Roamler works for a variety of organisations and companies, after three years there’s a clear focus on the retail sector. With the current coverage, information which is both specific and up-to-date can be collected in a short period of time and is no longer limited to national borders. 

"Retail Execution is now the focus; there is much to gain for all parties involved and we would like to contribute to this. But with Roamler we’re going to do much more than that, in short: we are not finished yet! " Martijn Nijhuis, Co-founder Roamler
"With the launch in Turkey next month, we’ll be active in 14 countries. However, our goal for 2014 is to be operating in at least 18 countries. So, there’s more to come!" Wiggert de Haan, Co-founder Roamler
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About Roamler (English)

Roamler is a mobile marketplace, operating in the so-called "Gig Economy". Roamler connects people to work that fits their profile. It has created communities of people in 14 countries in Europe and Latin America. Every day, hundreds of results are collected about the availability of products in stores, the prices of products and the visibility of promotional material.

In 2016, Roamler founded Roamler Tech in partnership with Eneco, which carries out certified crowd installations in consumer’s homes as the smart thermostat "Toon".

Roamler was founded in The Netherlands in June 2011 by Wiggert de Haan and Martijn Nijhuis and has its headquarters in Amsterdam.

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