Roamler launches in Sweden

First step into the Nordics

After a successful private beta, Roamler is now open to smartphone users in Sweden. Roamler is the mobile workforce that allows smartphone users to earn money and Experience Points by completing small tasks whilst collecting relevant information for companies.

Roamlers will be challenged to complete tasks like taking pictures of a shelf in a store, check the service in a bar or to come up with a creative idea for a brand. For these tasks they will earn SEK 15 and up.  After signing up Roamlers will have to pass a 10 task-training program that will teach them what Roamler is all about. Once the training program is completed, commercial tasks will become available.


The data that is collected is used for different commercial purposes like: Out of Stock, Share of Shelf, Retail Execution and pricing insights. In the Netherlands and UK Roamler works for clients like Heineken, Coca-Cola, Ahold and many more.


Roamler aims to have geographic coverage in all major cities in Sweden in early April.

The launch in Sweden is the result of Roamlers ambition to build a global workforce of Roamlers. 

"This expansion to Sweden is the next step in our ambition to create a global network for location based tasks. " Wiggert de Haan
About Roamler (English)

Roamler is a mobile marketplace, operating in the so-called "Gig Economy". Roamler connects people to work that fits their profile. It has created communities of people in 14 countries in Europe and Latin America. Every day, hundreds of results are collected about the availability of products in stores, the prices of products and the visibility of promotional material.

In 2016, Roamler founded Roamler Tech in partnership with Eneco, which carries out certified crowd installations in consumer’s homes as the smart thermostat "Toon".

Roamler was founded in The Netherlands in June 2011 by Wiggert de Haan and Martijn Nijhuis and has its headquarters in Amsterdam.

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