Roamler wins PepsiCo10 contest

Dutch startup will work for PepsiCo brand

Dutch startup Roamler is one of the 10 winners of the European PepsiCo10. PepsiCo10 is a programme designed to discover and support innovative technology companies whose ideas and solutions can be applied to drive business value for PepsiCo.

The mobile workforce Roamler enables members of the Roamler community to earn money by doing jobs on their iPhone. These jobs are set out by brands and companies. The past months the Heineken, Posterscope, ABN-AMRO en Unilever were among those to have set out jobs for the Roamler community. For every well executed assignment the Roamler receives points and cash. By saving up points the Roamler can get access to more complex assignments.

A few hundred companies entered the contest that started in June. Roamler is one of the 10 winners selected by PepsiCo to do business with. Besides the business deal Roamler wins 10,000 Pounds.  

Roamler will set out assignments for premier PepsiCo brand. These assignments will be executed by English Roamlers. PepsiCo owns brands like  Walkers, Pepsi, 7up, Dorito's, and many more.

Other winners of the PepsiCo10 are:,,,,,,, and

"We are very proud to win the PepsiCo10. By having PepsiCo as a client we now can have a launch in the UK we could only dream of!" Wiggert de Haan
About Roamler (English)

Roamler is a mobile marketplace, operating in the so-called "Gig Economy". Roamler connects people to work that fits their profile. It has created communities of people in 14 countries in Europe and Latin America. Every day, hundreds of results are collected about the availability of products in stores, the prices of products and the visibility of promotional material.

In 2016, Roamler founded Roamler Tech in partnership with Eneco, which carries out certified crowd installations in consumer’s homes as the smart thermostat "Toon".

Roamler was founded in The Netherlands in June 2011 by Wiggert de Haan and Martijn Nijhuis and has its headquarters in Amsterdam.

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